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    Tao Zheng to Japan for Cooperation Discussion


    From November 26 to 30, at the invitation of NICE House of Japan, a group led by Tao Zheng, President of BNBM Group, paid a five-day visit to NICE House and Kisarazu Housing Park, which was highly valued and warmly received by NICE House. The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on wood industry cooperation, housing cooperation, joint development of third-party markets and investment in the construction of prefabricated parts factory.

    On the morning of November 27, the group visited NICE Sawn Timber Factory. Jun Suzuki, Executive Director of NICE Corporation, delivered a welcome speech. Hiroshi Sasaki, Head of the Sawn Timber Factory, introduced the basic information of the factory. After visiting the sawn timber factory, the visiting group then drove to ARBOREX Corporation. ARBOREX Corporation is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in components and products such as interior doors and cabinets integrating design, manufacturing, logistics and sales.

    On the morning of November 28, the visiting group went to NICE Headquarters for a group discussion. The General Manager, Sugita, introduced the basic information of NICE House. NICE House was established in 1950 with a registered capital of 22 billion yen and the sales revenue of 239.5 billion yen by the end of 2017. Tao Zheng introduced his members to NICE House and expressed gratitude to NICE House for the warm reception. He reviewed the history of the exchanges between NICE and BNBM Group and hoped that the project cooperation with NICE could be realized as soon as possible. First, BNBMG Forests operates a wide range of business and many channels in China. The import volume of raw wood, sawn timber and OSB products lead the industry for many years. While helping NICE to know better about China's timber demands and port policy, BNBM Group will provide good service connections and give priority to trade. Second, NICE House is planning to develop its overseas market, which is in line with BNBM House's strategy of continuously introducing international advanced technology. BNBM Group has many logistics parks and production bases in China. BNBM Group sincerely invites NICE senior officials to visit China to investigate the market, layout, logistics and other issues, and BNBM Group can provide a model house demonstration platform according to the needs of NICE. Third, BNBM Group hopes that both parties will jointly develop the third-party market, share market opportunities and seek long-term development on the basis of early agreement between Chairman Song and Chairman Hirata.

    After the group discussion, the group visited the model houses of NICE. The construction period of the 150-square-meters house is only 40 days. The upstream and downstream products forming an industrial chain, which are placed both indoors and outdoors, are all standardized prefabricated products. The space is sufficiently and flexibly utilized, and it can be either segmented or connected to meet individualized needs. The unique seismic absorption technological components can effectively prevent earthquake disasters and make full use of energy.

    In the afternoon, the visiting group drove to NICE Kisarazu Factory for a visit. Established in 2003, the factory mainly produces prefabricated beams, columns and slabs of wooden structure houses. The machines can fully realize the forming of all-wood mortise-tenon joint, as well as punching and installation of steel fittings. After the visit, both parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the load-bearing of different tree species, the cost of wood mortise-tenon joints and steel fittings, the cost of fine decoration, design software, installation efficiency and other aspects.

    On the morning of November 29, the group visited the construction site of NICE Wood Structure Residential Houses. Suzuki, Executive Director of NICE Corporation, and Arai, Head of Engineering Department of NICE, accompanied the visit. On the afternoon of the 29th, the group also visited the PC prefabricated building construction site of SATO Industry.

    Through the visit and discussions, the members of the visiting group generally feel that it is worth learning from the Japanese enterprises in terms of the details management, refinement and standardization of management. It has laid the foundation for further cooperation between BNBM Group and NICE through understanding related industries, supply-production-distribution mode, factory management methods, construction management methods, etc. of NICE House. By benchmarking NICE House, BNBM House can see clearly what should be further improved in factory management, on-site construction, new technology application, etc. The group discussion has shown clearly the mode of follow-up cooperation between the two parties in jointly establishing prefabricated parts factories.

    Fred Yu, Vice President of BNBM Group, Li Shulin, Adviser of BNBM Group, Yin Jihua, President of BNBM House, participated in relevant activities.

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