Do Freelance Writers Still Need Business Cards? You Bet We Do!

With the ubiquitous availability of social networking sites and our own web and blog pages it’s tempting to think we freelance writers no longer need those little rectangles of cardboard known as business cards. Why it’s even possible to attach a business card to your emails!

Consider, however, these scenarios:

You’re at a party and someone expresses a genuine interest in you and your writing. Which do you think will work better? Saying your website address or handing them a well-designed business card?

You’re working at your computer at your favorite coffee shop and someone asks what you’re doing. You get in a conversation and want to establish email communication. If they’ve got their computer or smart phone it’s easy to do, but what if they don’t? Sure you can scribble on a napkin, but a business card is way more professional and way less likely to be thrown away.

A friend dragged you to a networking group

You meet an old friend in a restaurant

You’re walking your dog

You go to a writer’s conference

You get the idea. Even in our digital world a physical business card only makes sense.

What should be on your business card?

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