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Five Ways to Expect More from Your Career

A while ago, I worked with a client who was disorganized, but meant well. She paid – late, and always with a few reminders – but she paid. When we ended things it was on a bad note (her doing), … Continue reading

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4 (or 5 ) Ways Writers Can Stop Negative Self-talk

If I could do one thing in all the world for many freelance writers it would be to pump them full of self-worth and confidence. Why? Because it would make it so much easier for them to honestly evaluate if … Continue reading

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Pumping Up Your Marketing Plan in 3 Simple Moves

You have a marketing plan, right? So how’s it working? If you have had less-than-stellar results from your efforts, maybe it’s time to revisit what you’re doing. It could be that your efforts are going off in the wrong direction, … Continue reading

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How To Think About Setting Writing Fees

If you’re writing for newspapers or magazines, your pay is pretty much determined by the publication. When, however, you start taking clients for your freelance writing services, you have to set your own fees. Usually the first impulse is to find out … Continue reading

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