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Action Is Key For A Successful Freelance Writing Business

Sometimes I think many would-be writers would rather spend time doing almost anything but writing and marketing their writing. They spend, or so some of them tell me, hours reading blogs about writing and about the writers behind those blogs. … Continue reading

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Why Saying No is Sometimes Right

  During my freelance career, I’ve come across an interesting dilemma more times than I’ve ever expected to. I’ve had to turn down a client or a project.┬áIt’s a dilemma every writer faces — saying no to a client. Yet … Continue reading

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6 Habits of Successful Writers*

If you look at writers who successful you find that although their writing, their markets, and their whole approach to their career, they have some things in common. What it boils down to is that success in freelance writing is … Continue reading

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Should You Have a Writer’s Blog?

Have you ever read a blog where the content felt, well, used? As writers, we have plenty of advice being tossed at us by so-called experts. One of the biggest bits of bad advice I’ve seen is that every writer … Continue reading

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