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Answer some questions for us please


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I’ve got no writing experience, how can I start?

Hi AWS, I’ve worked in human resources for over a decade, but I don’t have experience writing in that field. All the writing gigs I’ve seen ask for samples in the HR field and I don’t have any. What can … Continue reading

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8 Ways To Get Out Of A Writing Rut

When you’ve been writing awhile and you feel stale it may well be you’ve gotten into a writing rut. I suspect it happens to all of us at one time or another. It may be that those of us who … Continue reading

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How To Get Hired As A Freelance Writer

There is only one reason someone will hire you to do some writing: they have a problem they think you can solve. Seriously, the only reason someone would pay you money to put words on paper is because they have … Continue reading

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