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5 Ways to Wow Your Writing Clients

The client I worked with a number of times sent me this note: “The white paper was excellent. We couldn’t be happier.” This from a client for whom I’d not been sure I was understanding. What changed? My approach to … Continue reading

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5 Ways Freelance Writers Can Train Their Clients

Listen to seasoned freelance writers for very long and you’re sure to hear at least a couple of horror stories about how hard some clients can be to work with. Many of the problems stem from the client’s lack of … Continue reading

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How Writing Careers Are Like Guest Towels

Over the weekend we had company. At one point, one of the guests asked “Is it okay to use the guest towel in the powder room?” I smiled and said yes, but I was confused. She was a guest, it … Continue reading

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Sometimes Clients Don’t Know What They Want

If you’re new at the freelance writing game it may surprise you when you find the first client who doesn’t seem to quite know what they want. Their confusion can show up in a variety of ways, including: Vague ¬†instructions … Continue reading

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