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How To Help A Client Unconfuse Your Writing

I subcontract some article work for a company that’s in at least three countries, including India. They had been getting their writing done there but realized, that since most of their clients are in the U.S. they needed a writer … Continue reading

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Backups May Save Your… Freelance Writing Career

Early last year, at the request of one of my adult children, I began writing our family story. It wasn’t for publication; the goal was to retain some of the family stories and history for, well, posterity. I’d written maybe … Continue reading

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6 Assumptions About Writing Clients That Will End Your Business

I was talking with a coaching client recently and realized she had a set of assumptions about writing clients that would, if not corrected, sink her freelance writing business. She’s not alone in this at all. There’s something seemingly inherent … Continue reading

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