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How Freelance Writers Can Ask For Referrals And Get Them

Referrals can become the life-blood of your freelance writing business. When one satisfied client recommends your writing skills to another, its almost easy to land the job. So how do you get referrals? It’s simple, really. You ask for them. … Continue reading

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3 Ways Writing Pros Can Find Time for Their Own Writing

Yesterday I answered a question about finding time to write. That sparked a question from forum member, Sharon Hurley Hall who asked “How do I find time for my own writing?” If you’re successful in building a freelance writing business writing … Continue reading

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How To Help A Client Unconfuse Your Writing

I subcontract some article work for a company that’s in at least three countries, including India. They had been getting their writing done there but realized, that since most of their clients are in the U.S. they needed a writer … Continue reading

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Backups May Save Your… Freelance Writing Career

Early last year, at the request of one of my adult children, I began writing our family story. It wasn’t for publication; the goal was to retain some of the family stories and history for, well, posterity. I’d written maybe … Continue reading

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